Studio Speaker Help Guide
Speaker Requirements
Miscellaneous Information
  • The maximum file size for a PowerPoint upload is 300MB
  • Hidden slides do convert and display in Studio
  • PowerPoint Slides are HTML5
  • PowerPoint Slides will automatically advance when the webcast starts if "Use Timings" is enabled and timings are saved on any slide ("Transitions" Tab>Advance Slide>"After" is checked and there is a number of seconds entered)
Supported Animations and Builds
All Slide Layouts All Standard Fonts Bullet Points and Numbers
All Standard Charts and Graphs All Standard Shapes User Drawn Shapes
Converts Uploaded Images Smart Art Hyperlinks
Converts Artistic Effects 3D Images and Animation All Exit and Entrance Effects
All Standard Motion Paths Custom Motion Paths WAV Audio files only
Unsupported Animations and Builds
Multi Thread Chart animations "repeat until end of slide" Animations
"by letters" animation of Word Art objects Video (use Video Slides in Studio) Slide Transitions
Audio File Types excluding WAV Password Protection VBA scripts
Slide Note Styles Custom Watermark Updated Date and Time
Portrait Orientations Audio of midi format Highlight click
"Teeter" Emphasis Effect Text Highlight Color
Supported Fonts
Arial Arial Black Arial Narrow
Arial Unicode Book Antiqua Bookshelf Symbol 7 abdefg
Calibri Cambria Candara
Century Century Gothic Comic Sans MS
Consolas Constantia Corbel
Courier 10, 12, 15 (VGA res) Courier New Estrangelo Edessa
Franklin Gothic Medium Garamond Gautami
Georgia Global Monospace Global Sans Serif
Global Serif Global User Interface Impact
Latha Lucida Console Lucida Sans Unicode
Mangal Microsoft Sans Serif Modern
Monotype Corsiva MS Reference Sans Serif MS Reference Specialty
MS Sans Serif 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24 (VGA res) MS Serif 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24 (VGA res) MT Extra acbdef
Mv Boli Palatino Linotype Raavi
Roman Script Segoe UI
Shruti Small Fonts (VGA res) Sylfaen
Symbol abcdefg Symbol 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24 (VGA res) Tahoma
Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Tunga
Verdana Webdings abcdefg Wingdings abcdefg
Symbol abcdefg Wingdings 2 abcdefg Wingdings 3 abcdefg
WST_Czec WST_Engl WST_Fren
WST_Germ WST_Ital WST_Span