UBM Canon Medical Device Media Group, Virtual Event: Developments in Materials for Medical Applications by EMDT, MDDI and Qmed
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24 May 2011 11:00–19:00 London/12:00–20:00 Paris/6 A.M.–2 P.M. New York
Keynote Address
Time: 11:15–12:00 London; 12:15–13:00 Paris;
6:15–7:00 A.M. New York
Introduction: Norbert Sparrow, Editor-in-Chief, EMDT

Materials for Medical Applications: From Being Part of the Problem to Being Part of the Solution

Advanced materials for medical applications require a fundamental understanding of materials in use. Adverse incidents associated with medical devices and pharmaceuticals are being reported more frequently by global regulatory bodies, and their cause is often associated with the materials’ properties and applications. The keynote will address materials issues associated with a range of medical devices and outline how materials will play an ever-increasing role in the development of next-generation medical devices and combination products.

Session 1:
The Building Blocks of Medical Innovation
Time: 12:10–13:00 London; 13:10–14:00 Paris;
7:10–8:00 A.M. New York
Moderated by: Yvonne Klöpping, Associate Editor, EMDT
Format: Multiple presentations followed by Q&A
This session will examine how medical-grade materials are enabling advances in all aspects of medical technology. From a design perspective, an expanding portfolio of materials has allowed design engineers to step beyond the angular, clinical aesthetic that used to be the norm for medical instruments to curvier, more-engaging shapes and textures. Medical electronic devices have taken a cue from consumer electronics and now scream for attention with eye-catching designs and vibrant colours. Biomaterials used invasively are pushing the envelope in altogether different ways. A panel of experts will discuss these and other advances in materials that are changing the shape and functionality of medical devices.

Chat Session 1:
Materials Selection for Catheters
Time: 13:05–13:45 London; 14:05–14:45 Paris;
8:05–8:45 A.M. New York
Moderated by: Rich Nass, Director of Content, UBM Canon Medical Device Media Group
Format: Panel discussion followed by Q&A
Selecting a polymer for an optimal catheter design is a complex process. The biological, physical, and chemical characteristics of the material need to be balanced with its processability and cost. And bear in mind that there are thousands of medical-grade polymers from which to choose. A panel of experts will discuss the ins and outs of the materials selection process during this informative chat session.

Session 2: Emerging Technologies in Orthopaedic Materials
Time: 13:50–14:20 London; 14:50- 15:20 Paris;
8:50–9:20 A.M. New York
Moderated by: Rich Nass, Director of Content, UBM Canon Medical Device Media Group
Format: Roundtable discussion with four panelists followed by Q&A
Orthopaedics is one of the fastest growing sectors within the medical technology industry, accounting for approximately €28 billion in global sales, and an ageing yet restive population will continue to drive demand as far as the eye can see. Materials suppliers are exploring novel techniques to reduce wear, promote osseointegration and, perhaps, one day develop a material that will render revision surgery obsolete. The entire materials universe—plastics, metals, ceramics and even biomedical textiles—has a seat at this table. Be prepared for a spirited discussion with our panel of experts that will include taking live questions from attendees.
Chat Session 2:
Materials for Implantable Devices
Time: 14:30–15:00 London; 15:30-16:00 Paris;
9:30–10:00 A.M. New York
Moderated by: Yvonne Klopping, Associate Editor, EMDT
Focusing specifically on materials that are formulated and processed for use inside the body, this chat session will address everything from combination products that deliver targeted therapeutic agents to the biomaterials that house implantable electronics. Attendees will have an opportunity to pose questions.

Session 3: Trends in Packaging Materials
Time: 15:10–16:00; London; 16:10-17:00 Paris;
10:10–11:00 A.M. New York
Moderated by: Norbert Sparrow, Editor-in-Chief, EMDT
Format: Multiple presentations followed by Q&A
Medical packaging materials must provide adequate protection of the contents and, depending on the product, withstand sterilisation, but it also must help manufacturers to achieve sustainability and cost-reduction goals. Our panel of experts will discuss recent and forthcoming innovations in medical-grade packaging materials.

Chat Session 3: The Pros and Cons of PVC
Time: 16:10–17:00 London; 17:10-18:00 Paris;
11:10 A.M.–12:00 P.M. New York
Moderated by: Norbert Sparrow, Editor-in-Chief, EMDT
and Yvonne Klöpping, Associate Editor, EMDT
The use of phthalate-plasticised PVC to fabricate medical devices continues to be a controversial topic. Are the health risks overstated? Do alternative materials live up to their billing? Is it true that there are some medical applications for which alternatives are simply not available? Advocates from both sides of the divide will debate the issue during what promises to be a very lively chat session.

Chat Session 4: Medical Device Coatings
Time: 17:30–18:30 London; 18:30–19:30 Paris;
12:30–1:30 P.M. New York
Moderated by: Heather Thompson, Editor-in-Chief, MD+DI
Coating technologies can enhance a material's lubricity or adhesion, embed drugs within a device to promote localised healing or kill microbes, or perform a combination of tasks. This chat session will discuss the state-of-the-art in surface treatment technologies for medical device applications.

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