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Thursday, June 2, 2011
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Mapping Identity Credential and Access Management to Meet Inter-agency and Private Cloud Interoperability Challenges

Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011
Time: 1pm CST/2pm ET
Webinar Duration: 1 hour

(Audience members may arrive 15 minutes in advance of this time.)

In this live webinar, Judith Spencer, former Government agency expert in identity management and lead in development of the Federal Identity and Credential Access Management Segment Architecture (commonly known as the Federal ICAM Roadmap), will review the vision of ICAM touching on the vulnerabilities it was developed to overcome and the challenges associated with reaching the “end state” required by the Roadmap. Intel will map how federated user Single Sign On and Web Service access security have emerged as the FICAM recommended means for accepting third party credentials from external parties. The future requirement (effective 2012 per the HSPD-12 directive) to be able to authorize PIV credentials issued by other agencies through the secure back-end attribute exchange model (BAE) will be explored as a catalyst for inter-agency identity sharing and access.

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Robert Richardson
CSI Director

Robert has served on the CSI staff since 2003, having worked IT in various capacities for twenty years. He's given keynote presentations on three continents, often speaking about the CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey, an undertaking he directs each year. Prior to CSI, he was Senior Editor of CMP's Communications Convergence magazine for two years, where his beats included telecom security, wireless, Internet messaging, and next-generation phone systems. Before that, Robert was a frequent contributor to magazines and Web publications such as Ziff-Davis Internet Computing, BYTE, Network Magazine, and Small Business Computing.



Judith Spencer
PMA Chair, Certipath LLC

Ms. Spencer is currently the Chair of the CertiPath Policy Management Authority. In this role, she is responsible for administering the policies of the CertiPath Public Key Infrastructure, which facilitates high assurance identity assertions between members of the aerospace-defense community and other industry participants, and facilitates the inter-organizational trust relationships between the members of the CertiPath Bridge Certification Authority, She also is responsible for maintaining the trust relationship between the CertiPath Bridge Certification Authority and the Federal Bridge Certification Authority, thereby enabling high assurance identity assertions between the aerospace-defense community and the federal government. In this role, she works with a Policy Management Authority comprised of representatives from each of the CertiPath Bridge member companies and together they oversee the continuing refinement of the CertiPath Certificate Policy and the always evolving trust environment embodied by CertiPath. Ms. Spencer continues to champion the use of strong, sound principles in identity management at conferences and seminars nationwide, and provides educational sessions and briefings on the subject, as support continues to build for federated trust across governments and industry sectors.

Vikas Jain
Director of Product Management for Application Security and Identity Products with Intel Corporation

Vikas Jain has over 16 years experience in the software and services market, with particular expertise in cloud security, identity and access management, and application architecture. Prior to joining Intel, Vikas has held leadership roles in product management and software development at a wide-range of technology companies including Oracle, Oblix, Wipro and Infosys.