Today’s business environment requires business intelligence of a new order – real-time intelligence – and that’s the focus of this Summit. SOA is the new reality in enterprise IT architecture, but if you don’t leverage your business “events” in your applications, then you are limiting your effectiveness. The new goal is foresight, not the hindsight of traditional data mining.

Complex event processing is no longer a buzzword but a necessity -- difficult to do effectively, but vital for the future of competitive businesses. Event processing, as realized by TIBCO BusinessEvents and supporting technologies, can help differentiate you from your competitors, increase customer satisfaction, recognize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and predict points of failure (or recover more quickly when an unavoidable failure occurs).

Join us for this online summit on SOA and the distributed real-time business, and explore the new technology TIBCO is providing to help organizations be more responsive, agile and stay ahead of the competition in the global marketplace.

APJ Event  (local times shown below)
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 21st Times:
Sydney: 1pm – 5pm
Singapore: 10am – 2pm
Tokyo: 11am – 3pm
EMEA Event (local times shown below)
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 22nd Times:
Paris: 1pm – 5pm
London: 12pm – 4pm
Dubai: 3pm – 7pm
The Americas Event (local times shown below) 
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 22nd Times:
New York: 12pm – 4pm
Chicago: 11am – 3pm
San Francisco: 9am – 1pm