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Frequently Asked Questions...


Q. What is Cisco Virtual Partner Summit?
A. Cisco Virtual Partner Summit gives Cisco field teams and global partners the opportunity to experience the live Partner Summit virtually. Through live streaming video, online chats and social media, visitors can stay up to date with channel priorities and new technologies that may impact their business and grow revenue.

Q. Who has access to Cisco Virtual Partner Summit?
A. All Cisco global channel partners and Cisco employees.

Q. How do I change personal preferences and settings? How do I update my profile/ business card (vCard)?
A. Registered users can personalize Cisco Virtual Partner Summit by modifying their Profile from Popular Space on the top menu. You can change your timezone settings, choose an image/avatar to represent your online presence or upload your own image, change your chat status, and autoforward show emails and vCards.   Registered users can also view their profile and vCard (business card) information.  Partner profile and vCard information are auto-populated from Cisco’s partner database of record. Partners must update their profiles through the Partner Self-Service tool. Non-partner Cisco users must update their profiles through the Profile Manager.

Q: What I should put in the sections “My message” and “About me” in my profile?
A: This is really up to you and your company’s discretion. Generally, what we suggest is in the “My Message” section you could place a business message about what your company does and how your product or service solution can help the user. In the “About Me” section  you can put something specific about your role in the company and something personal about yourself.

Q. How do I get support? Who do I contact for assistance?
A. Visit the Help Desk to access support material and chat live with a support representative during staffed hours (9am to 5pm CST). For support outside of staffing hours, send an email to a booth rep by clicking on their avatar and clicking “Send Mail", or you can send an email directly to

How do I upload my photo?

** You are able to upload your own photo instead of using a character icon.

Format - .gif or .jpg
Size - 60 x 60 px

When you select your profile image, click "Upload Image"
Follow the prompts.

Sample Photo

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Q. Do I need any special equipment to access and use Cisco Virtual Partner Summit?
A. No. Please refer to the section below to learn more.

Q. Why am I unable to see text in the chat windows?
A. If you are experiencing problems using the chat communication features within the show, such as not receiving new message notifications or being unable to send text in a chat window, it may be due to the configuration of your company's network. Certain firewall configurations can prevent the communication features from functioning properly. Please Click here to run the Port Check - it tests to see if the proper firewall ports are open. If this test fails you will not be able to chat in the environment and will need to click here for more details.

Q.What are the recommended PC requirements?

A. Technical Troubleshooting: System Requirements, Problems Before Login, and Login Problems

The link below will help in setting up your system for a smooth running virtual experience. This link will go through the System Requirements. It will work you through the problems that may take place during the System Check before login and any errors that may take place during the login process.

Technical Requirements:
To interact with the online environment requires a Windows PC with Internet Explorer 6.0 minimum, or Firefox 3.0 to 3.0.19 and 3.6. Mac with Firefox 3.0 to 3.0.19 and 3.6 and Safari 3.1 or higher are also supported. We support Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 on PCs. Leopard, Tiger, and Snow Leopard are supported on Macs. Linux Fedora Core 10 is also supported operating systems. Macromedia Flash Player 10 or higher is required. Access to the internet using high speed access (Cable, DSL, Network) is highly recommended for the overall environment and is required for all presentations. Pop-up blockers must also be disabled and cookies and JavaScript should be enabled. On entering the environment, a system check is run which will identify computer requirements that need to be addressed to interact with the online environment. It is recommended to view the environment with the display resolution of 1024 x 768. To run the system check, click here.

NOTE: We do not support BETA versions of browsers. Also, Internet Explorer 6 and Linux are not supported in the XpoCast Presenter View.

NOTE: This environment has a mixture of content that is delivered both over a secure connection (https) and a public connection (http). For this reason you will occasionally get a pop up message asking if you would like to view both public and secure content. For users using IE 7 and earlier versions you will want to click “Yes” in order to see all content properly. For users on IE 8, click “No” to view all content.

The show has extensive use of pop-up screens so any pop-up blocker software should be disabled. Also cookies are used during the show and need to be enabled through Internet Explorer. If you will be attending any of the presentations, be sure to have your speakers on. The show does not require any specific type of sound board.

To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, click here.
To download the latest version of Firefox, click here.
Download the latest version of Safari
Download the latest version of Chrome
To download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, click here.

Helpful Downloads

Pop-up Identifier Utility - Identifies the popup blockers that are installed on your computer.

Browser Clicking Sound Suppressor - While in the show, you may hear your computer clicking randomly, this is our software refreshing the page(s). To remedy this problem you may install this small download.

Is your PC making a clicking sound?
To suppress the keyboard clicking sound you may be hearing, you may download a small application that will suppress the clicks. This application is 100% virus and spyware free and is provided to you by Download now.

Q. Can I use the show email to send outside messages?
A. The event email is only for internal (in show) communication. For the security of our attendees, no external emails can be sent from the show.

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Q. How can I navigate in the Cisco Virtual Partner Summit environment?
A. Upon login, users are taken to the main landing page, and from there users can either use the Top Navigation Bar to access all main areas of the environment or select key functional areas from the Directory Board, such as “Agenda”, “Auditorium”, “Executive Chats” and “Social Media”. Users can also use the Search  functionality to look for specific items of interest such as People, Documents/ Links and Webcasts.

Q. What Do The Icons On The Toolbar Do?
A. The show toolbar is located at the top of the show floor:Directory>> Home – Will take you to the Cisco Virtual Partner Summit main landing page.

Agenda  – The agenda provides detailed information on each of the Webcasts and is broken down my days. You have the ability to add each presentation to your own agenda and/or send yourself a reminder.

Auditorium - Visit the auditorium to access live streaming events.

Executive Chats - Visit the executive chats to access live chat sessions with Cisco representatives.

Social Media - The Social Media tab contains the lounge, Facebook and Event News.

  • Lounge– is a common area for networking and collaboration. Here, users can participate in forums (bulletin board−type discussions) via the Group Chat box. Your postings are viewable by all members and your name is a hyperlink that opens up your basic profile and any personal tabs you created.  The Networking Lounge is available to all users.
  • Facebook– is the Cisco Channels Facebook page where users can post on the wall and reader more information about Cisco Channels
  • Event News– is the Cisco Channels blog that provides more information about the Channels. You can comment on each blog and filter through the blogs to find blogs that are informative.

Theater Resources  – This area includes the US/Canada and Emerging Markets Resource Centers. You can read about each resource center and download any and all of the collateral that is contained in each resource center.

Popular Spaces  – This area includes Cisco Services, Prize Center, Profile and Who's Here.

  • Cisco Services – is a meeting room where you can watch presentations, download resources, read the Cisco Services blog and provide a feedback to the Services team.
  • Prize Center- Click on the prize center to view information for your chance to win fabulous prizes.
  • Profile– Be sure to share your area of expertise through your profile bio. Add a personal headshot or photo. Make it easy for other partners to learn all about you and your experience through the profile tool.
  • Who’s Here– With “Who’s Here”, users can see who is currently online, and can initiate one-to-one private chat sessions, send a message, send their business card (vCard), or add other online user(s) to their Buddy List..

Communicate – From Communicate you can communicate with other users by: Chat, Email, vCard.  You can send users email, your vCard, or you can initiate a Chat discussion with another user.  You can also add users to your “Buddy List”.

Briefcase – download materials as easy as 1-2-3 to a virtual briefcase. My Briefcase is used to assemble into one package all content downloaded and booths visited while you were in the environment.From the “Briefcase”, you can view any document that has been saved.  The Reports tab provides a summary of all your booth visits within Cisco Partner Space.  You can link to a booth you previously visited directly from your Briefcase

Help – Will take you  to our information booth  where you can get information on the event. We will have live staff on hand to help you should you have any technical issues, questions, or comments. Email us at

Log Out – will exit you out Cisco Virtual Partner Summit and return you back to the Cisco Virtual Partner Summit website.

Q. What Is The Scrolling Message On The Bottom Of The Screen?
A. The marquee presents general show announcements like; Webcast Announcements and Show Updates.

Q. How Do I Search?
A. Use the Search link located at the top of the main screen window. Type a name (full or partial) of the the Partner, Webcast, User, Document/Link, or Blog you are looking for into the “Search” field and press the "Search" icon or press "Enter" on your keyboard. The search will return all items that contain the alpha or alphanumeric characters that you typed in the seach field. If you would like to narrow your results, you can do so by filtering your search by Company Name, Country, City, Booth Type, and all the Partner Certifications.

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The show provides three communication services; Chat, Email and VCard exchange. These communication activities can occur with anyone on the show.

Q. How Do I Access The Communication Services?
A. These services are accessed using one of the following methods:

Tool Bar
Select the "Communicate" icon from the tool bar at the bottom of the screen. Your communication center is presented. Here you see the status of all of your communication and can also initiate a communication.

Who's Here
From the “Who’s Here” list of participants, select who you want to communicate with and a communication screen from which Chat, Email and Vcard can be initiated is presented.

From Search
Find the individuals you want to communicate with and the communication screen is presented

By Clicking On A User's Profile
After clicking on the emoticon of a particular user, you will receive the follow screen. From here you can start a chat, send mail and send your vCard.

Incoming Requests
You will be notified when other show attendees are trying to reach you. When a Chat, email or VCard is sent, a notification pop-up appears in the lower right as shown below. There is an audible sound and a blinking message for New Chat, New Mail and New VCard is presented on the toolbar.

Q. Can I Communicate With Someone That Is Not Online?
A. To communicate with someone offline send a show email. When they come online the email will be in their in show mail box.

Q. Are There Different Types Of Chat?
A. There are two types of show chat. First is Personal (1 on 1 chat) the other is Group chat. Group chat is available in the lounge. Personal chat is available throughout the show.

Q. Can I communicate with multiple people at the same time?
A. You can chat with as many users as you would like while also exchanging mail and vCards or attending presentations.

Q. How do I know when someone wants to chat?
A. An audible sound and a chat icon that appears on the top show tool bar will alert you of the incoming chat request.

Q. Where do I see my open chats?
A. All current chats can be viewed in your main communication center. You can see what chats are Pending (not yet accepted by you), Current (Open and in process) and what chats you have Missed. Select “Current” and the list of chats you have open is presented. The green light means the connection to the other party is open. From this screen you can also initiate an email or vCard using the action icon. Select “Pending” and the list of chats awaiting your acceptance are presented.

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Q. Why am I unable to see text in the chat windows?
A. If you are experiencing problems using the chat communication features within the show, such as not receiving new message notifications or being unable to send text in a chat window, it may be due to the configuration of your company's network. Certain firewall configurations can prevent the communication features from functioning properly. Please Click here to run the Port Check - it tests to see if the proper firewall ports are open. If this test fails you will not be able to chat in the environment and will need to click here for more details.

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Q. How do I see what webcasts are available?
A. Show webcasts are accessed through the Auditorium which is accessed from the top navigation bar. When you enter the Auditorium you can browse all webcasts that are available for this event by shuffling through the available tracks in the main window.

Q. How do I see what executive chats are available?
A. Executive chats are accessed through the Executive Chats which is accessed from the top navigation bar. When you enter the Executive Chats you can browse all chats that are available for this event by clicking on the dates of the show found at the top.

Q. What are the times of webcasts and executive chats?
A. The times for webcasts can be found in the schedule in the Show Agenda. All webcasts are in your time zone (which can be changed within your profile).

Q. Can I ask questions?
A. Yes. You can ask questions in real time during the live webcasts and executive chats by using the question area to enter and submit your question to the speaker. The speaker can view all questions in real time. Speaker responses to the questions may be posted during the presentation or following the presentation.

Q. Can I leave and then re-enter a webcast?
A. An on demand webcast can be re-entered as frequently as needed, though each time you re-enter it will start at the beginning of the webcast. First Run webcasts do not allow for a re-entry. Once a webcast begins access is locked to ensure those participating stay in step with the webcast.

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Q. Where can I go to interact with users that attended the event?
A. To chat with other users visit the Lounge which is accessed from the Social Media tab in the toolbar located at the top.

The Lounge allows users to network with peers throughout the show. To post a message, simply type a message in the field and press “Send”.

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Q. As a partner, how do I get my Cisco Virtual Partner Summit login?
A. Partners will be able to access Cisco Virtual Partner Summit by using their username and password to login at Click here ( if you need to get a username/account.  To create a partner account or to update your profile, please visit the Partner Self-Service Website.  

Q: How can I change my account to give me partner access to Cisco Virtual Partner Summit?
A: To manage or correct username association with a partner, you will have to go to Partner Self-Service ( to make any needed changes or updates.

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Below are all of the necessary links you will need to support your show:

Troubleshooting Support Tool:

The system check is:;F:APIUTILS!10

Feature Guide:


Computer Tips:

Attendee and Exhibitor Login Link with System Login Link:

Data Portal: Registration:

Forgot Username and Password:

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